1 + 1 = Freedom

1 + 1 = Freedom

January 19, 2018

If you’ve all been following along, you know that January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. It is a month for all of us to help raise awareness around the issue, but also to consider how we can all DO SOMETHING TOGETHER to help end modern day slavery.

As an organization at the forefront of this fight, we know we must do more in the days, weeks, months and years ahead because this is not a crime that will easily go away. Right now, during Human Trafficking Awareness Month, we hope that you stand with us to help us achieve our goals this year. As a person who has been at the front lines with organizations such as Agape International Missions in Cambodia, and 3Strands Global Foundation in California, I can tell you that it is not an easy fight. And it takes a lot of courage to help and DO SOMETHING.

At the end of 2017, when we asked our beneficiaries and our Advisory Council what we should be striving for in 2018, the goal we arrived at was to create a plan to:

  • Provide 500 jobs worldwide for survivors, and prevent trafficking in the first place by providing education, employment and specific opportunities for those at risk (Want to donate or buy products? Click here - https://3strandsshop.com)
  • Create 250,000 products annually and increase the number of retailers to sell these products by 100%.
  • Engage 500,000 more people to build awareness and engagement (Have a voice? Share it with us to help spread awareness! Follow us on social media too to make a global impact!)
  • Support the education and rescue of more than 10,000 children globally through the efforts of our nonprofit beneficiaries.

We know we are a small and mighty tribe of warriors, but we are united in knowing that we can all do something to achieve these goals. The products you purchase directly impact the lives of thousands of survivors and those at risk, and we are all grateful for your support.

SIDEBAR: One way we can accomplish our mission is through the support of our retailers—boutiques, spas, salons, online stores, shops, artisans, nonprofit collaborators and YOU.

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Our Survivors are Leading the Way!

We have had such progress in the last six years, as we all help to employ recovered victims of sex trafficking and those at risk around the world. In the beginning, it was a simple bracelet made of three wax cords, brought together by the hands of survivors to create something meaningful, beautiful and symbolic. Today, our strong and creative artisans have created more than 200 styles—ranging from the original wax cord styles, to exquisite leather handbags, recycled metal accessories and scarves. Each product is a symbol of the rebirth of the survivor or the person at risk for exploitation.

Prevention | Recovery | Restoration | Reintegration

This year, you will hear more about our efforts to not only provide jobs and resources to our survivors, but also the good work our team engages in around the world to help prevent the crime from happening in the first place. We will share how we are working to crush the demand for sex with children around the world, how we are educating our youth on how to avoid becoming a victim, our work in supporting the rescue/recovery of victims, and how we help restore their faith in a healthy and happy future through positive and sustainable jobs.

Our Heroes

We will begin to share stories of our artisans and our survivors, so that you may stay in touch with why we exist, the hope and light you provide, and how you can continue to help. And you will hear more about how our survivors are helping us build this organization in to a major force in the fight against human trafficking. Many of our survivors have noted that they would like to share their stories of freedom and hope to help enlighten a community around this issue. And we know you will be inspired to hear about their journeys.

Spring Ahead!

This spring, you will see a different selection of accessories, as the artisans we work with in Haiti, Cambodia, Romania, and Vietnam have truly worked hard and passionately to create inspired designs for our Spring line—these are their creations. It is a line that we have had no hand in directing the design, and we are proud to present our best products ever, in the spirit of freedom, love & empowerment.


2018 will be our year to welcome you, to join in this fight with us and to stay engaged.

If you are looking to connect in a deeper way and become engaged in supporting our ongoing work with nonprofits, please let us know by emailing me at jenb@3StrandsShop.com. We are proud to be working with the most committed people in the world to help end human trafficking, and welcome your help.

Much health and happiness to you and yours in 2018.

Jennifer Bulotti


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