April 18, 2020


Our story starts in 2011 with our artisans from Cambodia. These artisans are employed through the sale of every 3 Strands Shop product and create beautiful bracelets and necklaces with inspiration from Cambodian art and traditions.

Check out some of the bracelets made by artisans in Cambodia from our new spring line! Flame scarlet, crème, green, lavender, silver and many more colors are featured in these styles that make a perfect standalone or stacking piece for spring and summer.





The history of Nepal is long and rich in culture, and that is seen in our products made by Nepalese artisans. The communities we work with in Nepal work hard creating locally inspired glass beaded bracelets. By shopping 3 Strands Shop styles, these communities become financially sustainable and help individual artisans by providing purpose in their families and community.

Products from our spring line made by Nepalese artisans feature some of the most vibrant colors you’ll find this season! The artisans have created more bright spring tones for our signature Mission bracelet and also created new products! Shop our NEW Beaded Hat/Headbands made with colorful beads in woven patterns and the Sundara necklace layered with strands of glass beads.





Haiti is a vibrant culture of warm-hearted traditions and colorful art. The artisans of Haiti take what many would believe to be unusable materials and create beautiful and artistic pieces as bright as the spring sun.

With the new spring products from Haiti you will find pieces from leather bags to the beautifully designed Haitian bracelets, which have become some of our bestsellers! Brighten up your spring style with the spirit of the island of Haiti.





With one of the highest rates of malnutrition in the Western Hemisphere, we are proud to be supporting artisans in Guatemala! Our Guatemalan pieces are filled with the rich culture of Latin American art, especially our spring collection that incorporates local communities in fair trade practices to support sustainable growth in the region.

Our new bright-layered bracelets from Guatemala are unlike anything we’ve featured before. These three new styles feature bright colors, intricate beading and will complement your outfit for a night on the town!





Colombia has a rich history in the heart of Latin America. This is evident in our unique and colorful designs from Wayuu in Northern Colombia. These women live in small communities and are able to create purpose in their lives by making products such as our hand-crotched bags. Many of these communities rely on the mentorship provided to these women for sustainable business practices that maintain their rich and colorful culture in a modernizing world.

Our bags made in Colombia are selling out fast! These handmade carry-all crossbody bags are one-of-a-kind and are perfect for a night out, running errands, or a trip to the beach. Each bag also includes the signature pull tie and tassel.




East Africa

The skilled women artisans in the communities of East Africa create beautiful designs in the classic style of the Maasai people. Each product is handmade and shows the East African artisans’ unique qualities in each piece. The sales of the pieces made by these artisans go toward empowering women in East Africa to create products and provide support for their communities.

Our new spring accessories from East Africa include beaded leather bracelets such as the Love bracelet(perfect for gifting or wearing to spread Freedom, Love & Empowerment) and the Safari bracelet. Both styles are available in multiple colors, great for layering and provide a signature look for spring!




Shop with Purpose

We are so thankful for your support. Every purchase helps artisans and provides them with a hopeful future. Take 30% off your next purchase and shop our new spring line made by artisans from all over the world! Use promo code SPREADLOVE30 at checkout.