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You Are About Hope

You Are About Hope

January 21, 2021

“We don’t get out much these days.”


We rarely get out these days at 3 Strands Shop. We are being safe while supporting our artisan partners and retailers as we remain focused during this incredibly traumatic time.


But when we do get out, or ZOOOOOOOOM with any of you, we gain understanding. And mostly these days, it’s not about “What are we going to do?” But “How can we build something really unique” or “Here’s a great idea despite what we are going through.”


You are all about hope.


This past year we spent time talking to shop owners, boutiques, spas, salon and yoga studio owners.


We talked to our clients who purchase products from us one bracelet at a time online.


And what are we universally hearing?


“I love your brand because it means something.”


“Wow this is so cute. I need to get one for my aunt.”


“My nieces love these.”


“Our customers love your new winter beanies!”


“My son wears these at the beach.”


“I know a survivor.”


“This gives me strength. I sent one to a friend.”


“I didn’t know about this issue. So, I’m getting one for all my friends.”


What is our why?


These messages help us stay focused. But as you know, our why goes beyond our customers who simply love our products, message and brand.


Our why comes from the artisans themselves.


Messages from our artisans here and around the world:


“You allowed our artisans to know they have purpose and can support themselves.”


“We are so excited when you send a new order in as it helps us have jobs and work, and we feel like {3 Strands} customers know who we are.”


“3 Strands provided new jobs this month to help me and other families in our community.”


“Can you send more orders please?”


At times we question ourselves.


2020 has not been a great year. But despite the many twists, turns and stalls we have taken this year, we’ve worked to keep the momentum going, and remained resolute in our mission. You all have been a big part of our forward motion during such a difficult year.


How we do things may look different in the future, but we will remain focused on supporting artisans and communities around the world by offering job opportunities for survivors of human trafficking and those at risk through our artisan partnerships.


Thank you for everything. But especially for standing alongside us this year.


If you’d like to connect on any opportunities to support our work, or have questions regarding our products, please reach out and let’s start a conversation.


In love and blessings.



Jennifer Bulotti


3 Strands Shop



P.S. A quick shoutout to our tremendous team of warriors who work at 3 Strands Shop and helped push us into 2021!

  • Stacy Garland, COO
  • Jonathan Bulotti, Marketing Coordinator
  • Gretchen Bruce, Distribution & Fulfillment
  • Crystal Baker, Accounting & Finance
  • Shelby Farrelly, Sales
  • Ravon Calderon, Sales

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